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We simply support solar. We want to spread the knowledge of solar energy as fast as possible to everybody. Solar energy is “democratic” and it is now affordable for everyone.

We believe the better world is powered by solar. In addition to being clean, solar energy brings independence and opens up new horizons for human lives.

The human race isn’t dependent on scarce fossil fuels anymore. What we need to feed all our energy needs is just a piece of technology. And a good weather.

Vladimir Matajs & Team

For over 10 years I’ve been helping my dear customers with “island” photovoltaic systems at places with no access to the public grid.

I designed hundreds of small residential photovoltaic power plants, mid-sized PV systems on industrial roofs and also free-field installations.

During my career, I worked on PV systems with batteries (hybrid) as well as systems without batteries (on-grid).

I love solar heating. It is very simple technology, very efficient and quite cheap. You can heat water or air. You can even use heat to make chill.

Vladimir Matajs | Solar Energy Expert

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